EastEnders spoilers: Ruby Allen makes a shock decision in court!

Ruby goes to court for the rape case, Phil is stunned by some shock arrivals, and Jean struggles to deal with a hospital appointment.

Ruby is full of nerves on the day of the trial. She’s concerned that her actions may have jeopardised her case, telling Stacey she regrets spiking Ross’s drink as he might use it against her. Stacey does her best to reassure Ruby, who is touched when she arrives in court to see that Jay is there to support her. With more kind words from Jay, Ruby gets a confidence boost and she makes a decision that could change everything…

Phil is determined to keep Louise safe following the threats from gangsters Midge and Danny. Sharon, however, is angry that Phil’s not taking her concerns over Keanu seriously. Phil has another run in with Danny, who demands his money by the end of the day. Kathy sees the altercation and voices her concern but Phil insists she keep her nose out of his business.

Keanu and Billy are roped into Phil’s money laundering scheme. But when Mel’s talking to Sharon in the E20 office, she spies something suspicious on the CCTV, watching Billy putting cash into the till. Mel confronts Phil with her suspicions and makes him an offer. But what has she suggested? Later, Phil’s piling on the pressure with Keanu when he’s interrupted by a call from Kathy. Phil heads home and is stunned to find Ben, Lola and Lexi!

EastEnders Shirley Carter and Jean Slater

Shirley tries to calm down a panicky Jean

Also, Tiff asks Jack to get a letter to Evie for her, Jean regrets going to a hospital appointment alone, and Jay warns Billy to stay out of Honey and Adam’s relationship.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.