What’s life really like for the people who call the street home? Ed Stafford investigates 

With the number of homeless people on the rise, survivalist Ed Stafford sets out to learn more about it by living on the streets of Glasgow, Manchester and London for Channel 4’s 60 Days on the Streets.

This week, as well as witnessing drug abuse, violence and the odd charitable gesture, he gets to know some local characters in Manchester, which recently topped the figures for rough- sleeper deaths.


Ed Stafford cuts a lonely figure on the streets of Manchester

They include Dina, a mother-of-six and drug addict, who reminisces about her modelling days, and Steve, who’s been homeless for four years but seems happy with his lot and says life on the streets is ‘easy’.

A compelling look at the reality of homelessness and 
the mental health and addiction issues that are often linked to it.

TV Times rating: ****