Nicola and Jimmy are knocked for six when a woman called Juliette turns up in the village and claims to be pregnant with Jimmy’s baby! For Nicola, it’s a real blow because as far as she’s concerned Jimmy had a vasectomy more than two years ago. So when Juliette goes on to reveal how she came to be pregnant with Jimmy’s child, he’s got some serious explaining to do. What has Jimmy been up to?

Sandy’s found out that Edna’s been torturing herself for years because she’s blamed herself for causing her husband’s lover Lawrence to take his own life in prison. But it turns out that Edna’s guilt is unfounded so, along with Paddy and Aaron, Sandy is on a mission to track him down and they’re surprised by what they find…

Meanwhile, Zak and Lisa are shocked when the bailiffs turn up at their place to take away their brand new TV to cover the debts Sam built up to keep his lady friend Tracy happy.