A bad day for Elliot…

After meeting Jane Grayson, the new CEO of the Trust, Elliot is shocked to learn that Thandie has filed an official complaint against him for racial discrimination, so when he gets a visit from his son James, who says he’s still grieving for his mother, Elliot clearly has other things on his mind and isn’t giving James his full attention. Later, Elliot finds a note from James telling Elliot to forget about him.

Later, James’ fiance Becky turns up at the hospital and tells Elliot that James hit her after a row and then drove off in her car, which is then found abandoned. Grayson tells Elliot that, if he makes a formal apology, the case against him will be dropped – but, now more concerned about James, Elliot is dismissive, forcing Grayson to look into the complaint fully. Elliot then calls the police to report his son missing.

Elsewhere, Abra asks Grayson if she will honour the agreements he made with Sutherland prior to his departure and she says she can’t promise anything. When Lola objects to Abra trying to give an overseas patient priority treatment, he explains that he made a deal with Sutherland that he could treat overseas patients as part of his charity work – and this was the only reason he returned to Holby.

An upset Kyla asks Abra why she wasn’t his prime reason for returning to Holby. Abra tells her he thought he had ruined his chances with her but then asks her to move in with him.

Also, Clifford is forced to lie to his brother after a shock revelation from his sister-in-law.