A bad day for Warren

Justin and Clare are jostling for top spot at The Loft, and Justin is sure he’s won the war of who’s in charge when he plays the big man in front of Sonny and gets tough with Clare in the office. But Justin’s brought back down to earth when Warren returns from Spain.

Warren soon learns that Clare has been up to no good when Justin tells him that he was left £400 short at a drug deal. Later, Warren is taken aback when the police turn up at The Loft with a few questions about Sean…

With Jessica facing the nightmare of being broke, Kris suggests that she sells some of her many designer outfits to raise some much-needed cash. Reluctantly, Jessica puts her stuff up for sale online, and is thrilled when a mystery buyer hands over £3,000 for the lot.

Aleksander and Carmel bond when they attend Mass together and the chemistry between the pair threatens to boil over when Carmel treats Aleksander to a manicure – until Jacqui walks in…

John-Paul seems to have bagged the man of his dreams when he meets DJ Spike at The Loft. And the pair get on like a house on fire after going shopping together and sharing a drink at The Dog.

*Screened on TV3, Monday May 7*