Brendan susses that Kevin’s lying about his uncle and lashes out, all his anger about his own past unleashed at his young employee. A bruised and bloodied Kevin heads to the police station to report a sexual assault.

Martha calls the police about the underage party going on at The Dog and more of Darren’s world crashes down around him as two officers turn up and take away his trading license – he’s lost everything.

Tony tries to build bridges with Jacqui but instead gets lumbered going on a date with Trudy – Jacqui’s way of getting in her boss’s good books. She comes on too strong and Tony sees the perfect escape route when Ste – his ‘gay lover’ – approaches! Trudy takes the hint and leaves a relieved Tony behind.

Meanwhile, Cheryl offers to look after Charlie and Oscar for the day and sees Nate in a whole new light when he doesn’t take well to playing Dad. She needs cheering up, Nate thinks he’s got the answer and surprises her with dinner wearing nothing but a bow tie. However, Cheryl doesn’t see the funny side and forces him out the front door. It’s only when he tells her he loves her that she softens – she loves him too!