A battered Paul turns the tables on Terese

Terese is shocked to learn that Paul is in hospital following a fight at the prison and decides to visit him. She’s hoping he will finally admit his guilt, but he turns the tables on her. She might be ready to move forward, but he’s stuck rotting behind bars  – and will never forgive or forget what she did to him.

Jimmy introduces Charlie to the dice game – which involves doing challenging dares. When Steph and Mark head out for a swim, Jimmy reveals a can of pepper spray he stole from the police station. Jimmy sprays the can but Charlie is caught in the line of fire and is taken to hospital. Steph tries to express her concerns about Jimmy’s behaviour to Amy but it sparks tension between the two friends.

Xanthe, Ben and Angus are rehearsing for a busking gig to pay back what they owe Tom Quill. Angus is a strong singer but he’s not happy with Ben’s push towards indie music. Xanthe comes to Ben’s defence, prompting him to quit the band. Ben tells Xanthe about Sarah’s cancer, who in turn tells Angus the truth about his mum.