A body is found in the village!

It’s the morning after the day before – the day when Jimmy and Carl turned on each other, when Katie and Declan and Chas and Dan walked down the aisle, and when Debbie and Gennie had their babies. That would give the village plenty to talk about, but then a body is found. And not just any body – it’s Carl King! Time to call the police. There’s a lot that can be swept under the carpet (affairs, theft, all the Dingles’ dodgy dealings) but not this. This is serious.

Victoria and Adam look like they’re getting serious, too. Ever since the Home Farm music festival Adam has been giving Victoria special looks – and she’s enjoyed them. Now they do more than look – they kiss! Is Victoria going to swap one farm boy for another? Adam certainly hopes so.

Away from all the drama, Debbie has to prepare for the life-saving bone marrow transplant for Sarah. This is what her pregnancy was for: a cure for Sarah. But it’s such a big thing to ask of such a tiny baby… Will it work?

*Second episode*

Emmerdale has seen a lot of deaths for a little village. Murders, suicides, accidents – all sorts of deaths. The last one was a terrible accident that sent farmer John to that big farmyard in the sky. And now there has been another death. But what is it this time: accident, suicide – or murder? That’s what everyone wants to know (that’s what someone already knows…) – and that’s what the police are going to find out.

The cops are back in Emmerdale and that alone is enough to make the Dingles nervous. But have they got anything to be worried about this time? Do any of them know how the village came to be littered with one dead body? That’s the question the police are asking. But they’re not just questioning the Dingles. The police have a lot of questions for a lot of the villagers and this is no time for anyone to get lippy.