Former British featherweight boxer Jimmy Flint was a local hero in his day, worshipped by East End fans as the Wapping Assassin. When he’d finished doing the rounds, he turned to acting (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Casualty) and, in this tense story, he’s loathed, not loved, as boxing trainer and paedophile John Morris.

Pcs Benjamin Gayle and Mel Ryder get the call to go to Morris’s home where they find he has been beaten up by Paul Rayner (Lee Ross, who played Owen in EastEnders). Paul’s hauled off to Sun Hill, where he tells the officers that Morris abused him when he went to his boxing club as a boy. But John Morris says he’s never seen or heard of Paul before… And he’s telling the truth; Paul has the wrong John Morris.

The police find the right John Morris and they find another of his victims, Martin Wendell (Robbie Gee – Shrimper in Pirates of the Caribbean). DI Neil Manson has joined the investigation but Martin’s is having trouble concentrating on the job in hand. He eventually confides in DC Jacob ‘Banksy’ Banks, revealing that his son Jake has leukaemia. Energised after their talk, Neil focuses on Martin, who’s not keen to give evidence against Morris – until he hears that Morris is still working with children…