Ken’s injuries go deeper than just physical scars. As he nurses his injuries it becomes clear he’s deeply humiliated after standing by James. Unsure of how Kevin will react Ken prepares to break the news himself.

Izzy and Sally bicker at work Gary wades in and shouts the odds. Fiercely independent Izzy is furious and having had enough of Gary she arranges a night out with Julie and Sean, before concocting a story for Gary about spending the night with Katy. But when Izzy falls victim to a bag snatch the consequences of her lie suddenly become more serious.

As Marc spoils Audrey rotten Gail thinks it’s great to see her mum with a man who doesn’t have secrets!

Also, after doing himself an injury in the fathers’ sack race at Amy’s sports day Steve fields some flirtatious banter from Tracy.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Having found Izzy isn’t at Katy’s, Gary’s panic is rising. When he gets a call from Sean explaining she’s in hospital he reaches fever pitch. Izzy’s OK and apologises to Gary for lying to him about where she was. Agitated, he’s keen to get home claiming he’s never going to let her come into danger again. Izzy’s touched, but as Gary storms to the pub and thumps Sean it’s clear he’s a man on the edge.

Ken is shamefaced as he admits to the Websters that James was part of the charity scam after all. An appalled Kevin is devastated by the truth

As Tracy tells Stella how she plans to win Steve back she witnesses a spark between them. Alone with Steve, Stella admits to being confused – she thought Steve hated Tracy.

Also, when Marc offers to give up Marcia for Audrey, she’s touched.

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