A depressed David hits Peter

*Hour-long episode*

Having slept rough, David watches Gail and Kylie from a distance. When he forces his way behind the Rovers bar and aggressively demands a drink from Tina, Peter steps in and helps. Outside the Rovers, David taunts Peter, daring him to hit him. Peter gets a cut to the eye as Gail and Deirdre watch on in horror. A conflicted Gail is at a loss, she still loves her son, despite all that he’s done and asks Audrey to take David in.

Sean asks Todd to go for a drink with him after work, but a sneaky Todd says he has no money. Sean says he’ll treat him. Bored on the Streetcars switch Todd takes a call for an airport run. But with no drivers available he senses an opportunity to earn some cash and drives to the airport. Lloyd and Eileen are trying to raise the missing cab on the radio as Todd sits in the car counting his money. He casually saunters into Streetcars with a well rehearsed excuse.

As Hayley throws herself into making Carla’s dress, she worries she’s taken on too much. Roy feels increasingly left out, but seeing how happy in the moment Hayley is, he feels his lie is justified.

Also, Nick prepares himself for his first proper day at work and Brian gets offered a job and gears himself up to tell Julie the truth, that he doesn’t want to foster.