Andy does his best to comfort Evelyn when she tells him that Josh blames her for his loss of sight. When Andy visits Josh at the hospital, he tries to plead Evelyn’s case but Josh doesn’t want to know. Later, Josh seeks comfort in the arms of Hannah.

Evelyn returns to the hospital but Josh’s bursts into a fit of anger when she arrives. Hannah steers her out of the room and tells Evelyn she needs to keep her distance, so Josh can make a full recovery. But Hannah has problems of her own, when Andy pushes her away because he still loves her and it’s obvious she feels the same….

When Nate and Ricky arrive at The Diner to have dinner with his dad Gavin, Nate’s pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the evening goes. Later, however, he makes Maddy feel uncomfortable while working at The Diner by being the drunken customer from hell. Then, he oversteps the mark and gropes Ricky!