At the Camelot court, it’s Prince Arthur’s birthday and everyone – including his father, King Uther – is in attendance. But at the gathering, there is an assassin, who laces Arthur’s food with a sedative which he says will begin to take hold in a few hours.

Later, as Prince Arthur begins to feel unwell, the assassin strikes. But King Uther manages to fend him off – turning the sword and killing the unknown assassin. But it comes at a cost, as King Uther is wounded.

The King is gravely ill, but Arthur confides in Merlin and tells him that he wishes to try and save his father with magic.

Visiting an old sorcerer, which is actually Merlin in disguise, Arthur lays plans to help his father, and Merlin hopes to prove the good of magic to Arthur. But the evil Morgana and Lord Agravaine have cast a spell that means when Merlin attempts to heal Uther with magic, it will kill him and weaken the family’s reign over Camelot.

Sadly, all goes to plan for Morgana and Lord Agravaine. As Merlin works his magic, it kills King Uther. After losing both parents to magic, Arthur says that magic is pure evil, and he says he will never lose sight of that again before taking his place and being crowned Arthur, King of Camelot.