A desperate father picks up a gun

DI Neil Manson’s past continues to haunt him as he pursues his investigation involving psychiatrist Julia Bickham. They have an unhappy history, remember, in which a patient of hers was shot on Neil’s orders.

Neil’s now convinced that last week’s murder of a nanny was a case of mistaken identity; he’s sure the killer’s intended victim was Julia. He’s equally convinced that her partner Harry Gilmartin being the victim of a hit-and-run was no accident. He has Jared Miles, a former patient of Julia’s, in custody, but Jared proves to be innocent. He also proves to be useful, as he saw the man who killed the nanny and the car he drove away in.

That information leads Neil to Stephen Fairfax – and to the tragic story of a young mother, Danielle, who died. Her daughter, Lily, is Stephen’s child. He wanted to raise Lily and was counting on Danielle’s life insurance to help him do that. But Julia Bickham testified at the inquest that Danielle had committed suicide and the insurance didn’t pay out. Struggling financially, Stephen lost custody of Lily.

That makes him angry, vengeful – and desperate. To Neil’s horror, Stephen kidnaps Julia at gunpoint. It’s history repeating itself and Neil has to act. He traces Stephen but, instead of waiting for back-up, decides to face the gunman on his own…