At Erica’s suggestion, a desperate Izzy heads into town to a grotty pub and scores some cannabis. But when she pulls out the bag at home she’s gutted to discover she’s been duped into buying oregano. Izzy breaks down in tears, overcome with pain.

Carla leans on Nick to accept Robert’s offer of £90k and he promises her he’ll accept it if he doesn’t receive a better offer by the end of the week. Carla collars Tracy and tells her that provided nobody makes a better offer, the bistro will be Robert’s by the end of the week.

Jason’s excited to hear that the new Freshco superstore has been green-lit, hopeful he might get some building work. In an attempt to win his vote, Sally makes out she’s all for it too. But she later assures Cathy’s she’s dead against the plans.

Sharif finds a syringe in the gym changing room. Steph confides in Leanne how much she’s dreading Jamie’s trial. Rana tells Alya and Zeedan her interview at the medical centre went well.