A desperate Jason flies to Italy

Becky is completely smitten the morning after the night before, but Jason clearly thinks that it was a big mistake and he’s uncomfortable when she snogs him on the doorstep. Audrey sees and passes the news onto a furious Gail. Jason decides to fly to Italy to persuade Sarah to take him back but he’s confronted by Gail, who threatens to tell Sarah that he’s cheated on her. As Gail gets into an altercation with Eileen, Jason slips off to the airport.

Sean discovers that Violet has been talking to the midwife and he’s stunned when Violet reveals that she’s having a home birth. Sean insists that the baby would be safer born in hospital. Violet is furious that Sean is trying to interfere with the baby once again and Jamie tells Sean to stop stressing out Violet.

Michelle tells Ryan that Alex has been in contact and he feels betrayed. But when Alex later calls and wants to see her, she drops everything to meet him. Steve is annoyed that Michelle is at Alex’s beck and call when he is left to pick up her parents Helen and Barry on his own.

Also, Rosie returns to Underworld and when Fiz kicks off, Sally is caught in the middle.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Becky is on a high after her night with Jason and tells everyone in the cafe that they’re an item. Becky dolls herself up to see him and is devastated when Eileen reveals that Jason has gone to Italy to save his marriage! Lonely Becky’s hopes of romance are dashed yet again.

Maria is delighted when she gets on well with Liam’s parents Helen and Barry. When Carla comes in with Tony, Helen pointedly remarks about how quickly she got over Paul and Maria is secretly pleased. Carla tells Tony that she’s relieved not to be a part of the family any more, but as she looks over to Liam and Maria, she has a pang of jealousy.

Sean is fuming that as the father-to-be, he isn’t being allowed a say in the birth. But after a talking to from Jamie he agrees to call a truce when he realises how stressed Violet is getting. Sean does his best to be attentive and kind to Violet but he proves to be even more infuriating than when he’s interfering and Violet slips off early from work to avoid him!

Also, Mel thinks Lauren is taking Darryl for a ride; Michelle is stood up by Alex.