Joe sells his soul for £5000. Desperate for cash he asks Ted if he can borrow the money for a deposit on a Tina’s flat.

Ted’s alarmed by Joe’s question and more importantly the urgency for the money. Once he gets his hands on the money he hands it over to Rick hoping it will buy him some time. But Joe’s racked with guilt knowing he’s deceived those closest to him.

Ken and George clash over Simon’s schooling. The pair meet up and they row about Simon’s education. Ken starts accusing George of trying to buy his way into his family. But George denies it and tells him he’s only trying to do the best for Simon.

Also; Molly persuades Tyrone to take the new job. She’s thrilled when he’s offered the job in Chester and insists he accepts. She tells him it’s a great opportunity to make a new start but can only think about making a fresh start away from Kevin.

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