Kirk blames Todd for Maria’s behaviour and a fight breaks out. Both are kicked out of the cafe where Marcus has to break up another potential fight. A desperate Kirk pleads with Fiz and Tyrone to not be too hard on Maria, but he is too late – they’ve already called the police.

Tina arrives for work and notices Carla has been looking at details of a new house with Michelle. She tips Peter off that Carla is looking at houses behind his back, hoping that the commitment will push him into her arms. However, Peter has other ideas and pushed to the limit Tina tells him that he has to choose: her or Carla. A trapped Peter finally agrees to run away with her.

As Gail starts work at the gym, her suspicions are aroused when she notices Kal and Leanne in a tense and intimate conversation. It’s clear the pair are trying to fight their attraction to each other.

Also, Tony tells Rob and Tracy about a van load of stolen electrical goods, pressuring Rob to drive the van; and Gail gives Lloyd misguided advice in the gym.