There’s something very suspicious about the death of 11-year-old Matty Wallace. He died on a Saturday or Sunday, but his mum says she saw him on the following Monday…

Matty’s mother Jane (Emily Joyce – My Hero) reports her son missing on a Monday and his body is found that same day in some local woods. Jane says that she only realised Matty was missing when she went to his school to drop off a book he had forgotten and then discovered he hadn’t been in class. DI Neil Manson and DC Grace Dasari discover that Matty wasn’t the biggest concern of Grace and his stepfather, Craig: their young daughter Poppy has been in need of a kidney transplant and they’ve just heard on the Saturday that a donor has been found.

They also discover that Matty was unhappy at home and had planned to run away with his pal, Alistair, on Monday morning, but didn’t turn up.

But the detectives receive even more important news from the post mortem: Matty didn’t die on Monday; he died on Saturday or Sunday. Craig says he’s been working away for four days and knows nothing about the boy’s disappearance. The officers turn to Jane, who is now changing her story about when she last saw Matty. Can she be believed? And should Craig be believed?