A desperate Tracy lies to Robert

Robert demands to know what lengths Tracy went to on his behalf. Tracy backtracks and makes out she raised the £10k for the bistro by flogging a batch of dodgy gear. Robert’s disapproving, but buys her story and reveals he’d never cheat on her, forcing Tracy to swallow her disbelief. Later, Carla lays down the law, telling Tracy she won’t be held to ransom. However, she’s shocked when Tracy reveals she never had any intention of spilling the beans.

Sarah snaps at Bethany when she mentions Callum’s name and David quickly covers, making out Sarah’s just hormonal. Meanwhile, Sarah panics over Harry despite the midwife’s assurances.

When Michelle’s wedding client Saskia introduces her to her fiancé, Michelle’s taken aback to realise it’s Will, her first ever boyfriend.

A suspicious Todd warns Phelan to treat Eileen with respect. Izzy breaks down and admits to Gary she’s sick of her condition and worried for Jake’s future.