Desperate not to lose his daughter Tyrone decides to abduct Ruby then flee the street. When he finds out that Sophie is babysitting Ruby he asks Kevin to help him snatch his daughter. Tyrone pleads his case and Kevin agrees to help his mate. Meanwhile, Fiz is shocked when she learns of Tyrone’s plan.

Gail’s fuming as Audrey insists she’ll help Kylie and David with a mortgage not her. She claims her children and own mother have turned against her, but when she realises the extent of their plan Gail’s horrified. David’s got no sympathy for his mum, but feeling guilty about her part in Lewis’s scam Kylie tries to hold her nerve, aware that her baby secret could be blown at any time.

Anna enlists Sylvia’s help in keeping an eye on Faye as Anna and Owen do their best to keep her away from real dad Tim. Faye’s putting up less of a fight and it seems she’s starting to accept that Anna doesn’t want Tim to be part of her life.

Also, Beth is convinced she can win Maria back round, but her plan for a cosy night out on Canal Street backfires, leaving Maria and Marcus’s relationship on the rocks; Sylvia’s evasive when Roy asks her about her missing bank cards.