Mrs Tembe meets Yvonne but they’re interrupted by Yvonne’s boyfriend Ross and something in his manner makes Mrs Tembe uneasy. Yvonne spots Mrs Tembe departing in a taxi later and gets in with her – asking for help. At The Mill, Yvonne calls a helpline then pulls up outside a refuge but she then dials a number and tells Ross she’ll be home soon.

At The Icon, Ruhma asks Karen whether Heston is seeing anyone and then says that she has brought her children up single-handedly. They return to The Mill and Heston finds he can’t take his eyes off Ruhma.

Al is critical of the photographs Jimmi took on his weekend course, but when Sid sees them he is full of praise. In return, Jimmi informs Sid of an upcoming antibiotics awareness day. He thanks him and Jimmi is gracious, but before he can get away, Sid makes him pledge to be an Antibiotic Guardian.

Also, Valerie makes a call to a medical practice and is pleased to get an appointment for the following day.