Paul’s awaiting Rebecca’s arrival… until Karl reveals their Twin Cities meeting will be with Mary Barnett. Meanwhile, Rebecca arrives, taking a pass through Charlie’s to visit her old stomping ground. She pays a surprise visit to the Kennedys, and after some confusion, Karl realises she’s involved with the Twin Cities program. They try to warn Rebecca about Paul, but their opportunity slips away, when Paul spots her. Rebecca’s shocked to learn Paul is the new Mayor. She challenges him and Paul admits he wants her back.

Susan warns Amber that her practice English SAC wasn’t up to scratch, offering her the chance to review it with Susan’s guidance. Amber disappoints Josh when she reveals she can’t hang out with him. Josh is resentful and pushes himself too hard, injuring his shoulder further.

Later, Kirk offers to hook him up with some ‘serious stuff’. Josh rejects the offer, but it’s clear he’s tempted. Studying after school, Amber vents to Mason about Josh. 

Imogen approaches Mason for his share of Hermione’s car registration, but Mason wants out of their arrangement. She can buy him out, or they can sell the car. Imogen is dismayed and approaches her parents for help. Unfortunately, Terese says they can’t afford to buy the car for her.