A devastated Chesney is told Hayley’s diagnosis (VIDEO)

Chesney’s full of the joys as he and Sinead head out together, but his mood is soon altered when Fiz tells him the news about Hayley.

With Beth on his case and Karl’s threats ringing in his ears, it’s all too much for Craig. After seeing Dev his guilt is ramped up further and Craig decides to do a runner, leaving a note at home asking his mum to apologise to Dev. A frantic Beth and Kirk search for Craig.

In the hospital Roy’s at Hayley’s side as they listen to what support groups are available, the harsh reality of Hayley’s illness sinking in. Roy is determined to step up to the mark, while Hayley holds back the tears as they fight to stay strong and enjoy the time she has left.

Also, while the Platts dote over Lily, a sulky Max watches from the sidelines before throwing one of her toys in the bin. Will Kylie and David discover his jealousy?