Summer tries to make amends with Tash, apologising for cheating on Andrew behind her back, but Tash isn’t interested. At school, Tash is ditched from the Mathletes and is finding it hard being around Andrew. Desperate for friends, Tash sneaks into Michael’s office to use the internet, and when he catches her, he’s furious. He reminds Tash she lost her friends because she lied and if she wants new ones, she has to earn them. Seeing her struggling, Chris takes pity on her and shows his support. Summer isn’t happy when she sees Chris and Tash laughing together and asks when Tash is going to stop trying to ruin everything for her.

Lucas and Kyle are working out in the gym, and Kyle is winding Lucas up over his lack of muscle definition. When one of Jade’s female clients keeps cancelling her personal training sessions, Jade thinks she can use the boys to her advantage. She asks them to be eye candy in the gym, offering a job to whoever attracts the most clients. The guys become very competitive, but when Lucas gets the job at the gym, he realises that Kyle needs it more than him and he tells Jade to take Kyle on instead.

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