A dramatic series climax!

The series draws to a close, and Du Plessis and Caroline’s determination to save Leopard’s Den appears to have rubbed off on everyone, with the family now squatting at their much-loved home. But this is only in preparation for one last desperate attempt to stop the bulldozers from moving in. Du Plessis and Fatani hope that some elephants and a giraffe will deter the construction crew from carrying out their unfortunate duties, and things seem to be going well – until Peeters arrives with an eviction order.

When the bulldozers start to crush the animal pens, the distraught family try their best to stop them and, in the ensuing chaos, Caroline is arrested by the police. Jana, the loyal cheetah, rushes in to protect her but, to everyone’s horror, the police react by shooting the animal.

As the end of the Leopard’s Den dream looms closer, will Danny and Alice conclude that there is still a life for them in Africa, or could a return to the UK be on the cards?