A drunk Casey kisses Indi

Indi and Dex decide to throw a party! April agrees to move in with Dex but both worry about how Indi will take the news. Happily, Indi’s over the moon and even offers the couple Sid’s old room. As the party heats up Casey arrives and drinks too much. Indi gets Casey to crash at the house but in his drunken haze he follows her into the spare bedroom and kisses her. Shocked, Indi pulls away, but Casey’s already collapsing into bed.

Ricky’s concerned that Brax won’t testify against her. Casey has also been served, along with Heath, Kyle and Tamara. Brax tries to convince Casey to downplay Ricky’s guilt, but Casey makes it clear wants Ricky to pay for what she’s done. He points out that lying in court is perjury; he could go back to prison. Brax knows that, but it doesn’t help Casey who feels this affirms his belief that Brax is willing to sacrifice his brother for Ricky.

Sally’s trying to get Pippa into the trial program at the Mayo Clinic but she doesn’t have the funds. Alf, Harvey and Roo come up with a solution; Sally could sell the house and the caravan park. She comes to the difficult conclusion that selling the house is her only option to give Pippa the best chance to survive.