Gail and David are concerned about Kylie’s increasingly worrying behaviour – she seems to have just given up. When Gail urges Kylie to spend quality time with her children, Kylie dismisses the idea. Alone in the house with Max and Lily, she cracks open a bottle of wine and starts knocking it back. While Kylie passes out on the sofa, Max goes into the kitchen and turns on the stove.

Tina’s furious when Liz confesses to telling Peter to back off and Peter rails at Tina for blabbing to Liz. Tina’s hurt that Peter fears more for his marriage than her and struggles to cope with her guilt.

Happy to have both her sons at home, Eileen’s floored when another surprise visitor from the past turns up – Jason’s dad.

Also, Hayley welcomes Suzie, a humanist celebrant, to the cafe to discuss her funeral; Nick is horrified to find Leanne is still scared of him.