Patrick drops Chloe at Julia’s and promises to be home by 6pm so she can prep with Heston for the PCT meeting. Julia and Chloe spend some quality time together, but Julia is furious when a drunk Patrick calls and says he won’t be home tonight. Julia has to cancel her PCT planning meeting with Heston.

Upbeat Marina has bought an advent calendar for The Mill, but is rather dismayed at the lack of Christmas cheer. Soon the chocolates become too tempting for her colleagues and one by one they tuck in. Later, Marina discovers all the chocolates are gone; furious she blackmails as many people as she can to join her in her choir that sings carols at St Phil’s.

When an elderly lady arrives at the station claiming to have been abused by her daughter, Rob is furious. Then her daughter arrives frantically looking for her mother and he realises he may have jumped to the wrong conclusion.