A drunk Peter upsets Simon and Leanne

Leanne does her best to prepare Simon as they head off to visit Peter in prison. Meanwhile, Peter is panicking and begs Jim for some alcohol to settle his nerves before the visit. Jim agrees, but when Peter does his best to act normally in front of Leanne and Simon during the visit, Leanne goes mad when she realises he’s really steaming drunk.

Andrea and Lloyd are horrified when Neil turns up to reveal he’s passed up the job offer in order to stay and try to win Andrea back. When Andrea then agrees to a drink with Neil so they can talk privately about how they will live so close together on the street, Lloyd’s paranoia red lines.

While on holiday in Wales, Deirdre is underwhelmed by the primitive surroundings, but an excited Ken is in his element.

Also, Dev offers Leanne a job in the kebab shop.