Val picks up a gossip magazine and learns that Sharon is getting married to a footballer. Desperate to catch a glimpse of Sharon’s fiance, she heads off to the hotel where the couple are staying but is horrified to learn that Sharon has told him that her mother is dead.

Val gets drunk in the hotel bar and Sharon is furious to find her. The real reason for their estrangement comes out when Sharon reveals that Val slept with an old boyfriend of hers and Sharon chucks Val out of the hotel in front of the waiting paparazzi.

Andy suggests that he and Jo move back into Butler’s with the baby, but let Katie live there too. Katie is livid when the couple arrive and she has a huge set-to with both of them. Andy realises that their new living arrangements are going to be strained, to say the least!

Mrs Burgess visits the Dingles and reveals how well Belle has done in recent tests. She suggests that Belle sit a mock entrance exam for a private boarding school and everyone is stunned when she achieves 92 per cent. Mrs Burgess encourages Lisa and Zak to think about sending Belle to boarding school, but Lisa is less than happy at the thought of sending Belle away.