A drunken Carla makes a pass at Luke

A drunken Carla makes a fool of herself as she regales Luke with tales of her broken marriage and moves in for a kiss, but a chivalrous Luke realises she is tipsy and makes his excuses and leaves, not before Peter has seen him go. It seems that Carla isn’t as over Peter as she first thought.

Izzy talks to Katy about her relationship problems but assures her that she and Gary are fine. It’s clear though that she’s hiding her fears. When Gary tells her he has a new job she does her best to be pleased for him, but the pair are now just acting out their marriage as best they can.

With Nick still making life difficult for Kal and Leanne and Kal’s family not being supportive, the pair face an uncertain future.

Also, Nick and David despair over Gail’s obsession with helping Michael; Todd makes Marcus feel guilty over visiting Liam by reminding him that he lost a son and it’s painful to see what he’s missing.