Shirley confronts Phil about his drinking, but he insists that it was a one-off. Phil finds out that Peggy has been phoning Ben from her honeymoon and he’s hurt by her rejection. Phil turns to a bottle for comfort and in a drunken state he turns up at Shirley’s and tries to kiss her.

Ronnie returns to Walford and a concerned Roxy insists that she move back into the Vic. Ronnie tells Roxy that her mind is in a whirl and she even contemplated suicide. Roxy, meanwhile, has agreed to meet up with Jack to let him see Amy, but after Ronnie’s confession she cancels their meeting. Jack is furious and threatens to take Roxy to court if she won’t let him see his daughter.

Stacey is still feeling down about Danielle’s death and she heads to the Vic to drown her sorrows. Stacey bumps into Max and confesses that she’s finding it difficult to pick herself up. Max is taken aback when a low Stacey flirts with him, but he doesn’t take the bait.

Also, Nick breaks into Dot’s house and installs a stair rail ‘for Jim’ but a suspicious Dot throws him out; Libby tells Patrick that Tommy is in hospital and hasn’t got long to live.