A face from Neil’s past creates a present danger

DI Neil Manson’s theory about the beating of a woman forces him to confront a very distressing incident in his past.

An abandoned boy, Thomas Sands, is found at a market and brought into Sun Hill and all he’ll say is that Clara is dead. His mother, Rebecca, is quickly found and explains that Clara Novak is her live-in nanny. Neil manages to get enough information from the boy to work out where he last saw Clara. Pcs Tony Stamp and Roger Valentine head to the location and find Clara beaten and unconscious.

Witnesses describe a man seen running from where Thomas was found, who turns out to be Jared Miles. Is he the same man Deborah Sands’ neighbour says has been hanging around where Deborah lives? Neil visits the neighbour and gets the shock of his life: she’s Julia Bickham, a psychiatrist he worked with on a case that ended with a mental health patient being shot on Neil’s orders. Not happy memories, then, and Julia’s not thrilled to see Neil.

Neil’s sickened by the sight of Julia, too – and not just because of the past. It strikes Neil that Julia looks a lot like Clara. And when a car hits her partner Harry, he begins to think that maybe the wrong woman was attacked…