A fire threatens the school sleep out

Paul’s receiving mysterious texts about ‘Freestyle’ – unaware that it’s Josh trying to elicit a confession for setting him up with the illegal peptides. Paul’s convinced that the texts are coming from someone connected with the school protest. Meanwhile, a fire breaks out in Susan’s office and it’s clear that whoever wants the school shut down is serious.

Belinda warns Toadie that Steph is fragile and could be heading for another psychotic episode unless he steps in. When Steph enthusiastically tells Toadie she got permission from the hospital to attend the school sleep out, she’s thrown by his change of heart. She angrily tells Belinda to stay out of her life, attracting stares from the people around them.

Piper is surprised when Ben returns, and soon discovers he’s back in contact with his ex-girlfriend: the one who distributed the intimate photo of him. She confesses that she broke up with someone before she left Canada, so Ben suggests they have a bit of fun before the school sleep out.