It’s the start of a brand new term at Waterloo Road, and the school is still in mourning for Tom Clarkson. However, everyone is determined to carry on – something which Kacey Barry is really struggling with…

New pupils are joining the school, but Audrey quickly feels uneasy with them. She instantly suspects that siblings Lenny and Lisa Brown are being neglected, but when she raises her concerns with Christine, she’s upset that her views are so quickly cast aside.

The twins have been enrolled into Waterloo Road by their older brother and guardian, Larry. Audrey’s worries continue to grow throughout the day, with their dishevelled appearance becoming a big concern. As no one seems willing to listen to her, Audrey takes matters into her own hands by going to visit their home. But she is upset and horrified by what she finds. Larry is a drug dealer, who is incredibly angry that Audrey has discovered the truth about him. He tries to attack Audrey, who rushes back to Waterloo Road in a bid to escape him.

Then, at the school’s football match, Audrey’s private concerns become public – and chaos breaks out. Meanwhile, newly-qualified teacher Sue starts her job as a science teacher at the school, but finds it a lot harder than she imagined. Meanwhile, new deputy head Simon is harbouring a secret. It turns out that he and Sue are a couple, but that he’s determined to keep it quiet for the sake of his career.