After trying desperately and unsuccessfully to borrow money, middle-aged academic Edwin Caroux ends up at The Mill, where he ‘accidentally’ bumps into Zara. It soon transpires that Edwin knows Zara – they are former lovers. They arrange to meet and all goes well until Edwin suggests he still has feelings for Zara. When Zara sharply puts a stop to this, the truth gets out: Edwin’s in desperate need of money – over £100,000!

Edwin reveals his son’s a drug addict, who owes some local gangsters a lot of money and if he can’t pay his son’s debts, they will kill either him or his son. Zara simply doesn’t have that kind of money and can’t help. Edwin fears all hope is lost and is resigned to his fate – he will have to die to save his son’s life…

Meanwhile, Rob’s worried when he can’t track Karen down and takes his frustration out on the The Mill staff, accusing them of not being vigilant. Rob fears he’s to blame following their row and phones Immie and Jack but there’s been no sign. When Karen turns up at Jack’s house, Jack phones Rob to put his mind at rest.

Karen tells Jack that their kiss has been weighing on her mind since her argument with Rob but Jack surprises her by being really understanding. As they talk Karen realises how important she’s been in Jack’s life. Jack convinces Karen to try a bit of family time to give them all the chance to heal and get back to normal.