A furious Kylie corners David

*Hour-long Episode*

Kylie and Nick are incredulous to find Audrey has allowed David to stay with her. An infuriated Nick tells David to leave the street or he’ll tell everyone he tried to kill him. When Gail hands Kylie an envelope of cash that David gave her. Fizzing with anger Kylie throws the money at David, telling him to stay away from the family. David begs her for a second chance, saying he felt suicidal when he found out about her and Nick. Despite David’s pleas, Kylie leaves David heartbroken.

Izzy doesn’t think Julie should give up on her dream. Meanwhile, Brian despairs as he tells Marcus that Julie’s still harping on about fostering – and he still hasn’t told her about the job. Marcus tells him he has to ask himself what’s more important: the job or Julie? It’s clear Brian can’t break Julie’s heart and chooses her over his dream job.

With Dev’s fitness drive not going well, Gary suggests he meet him in the pub, he has a friend who can get him in shape in no time. As handsome Kal enters the Rovers, Gary’s face lights up. Kal explains to Dev how he left the army to set up his own personal trainer business and Dev hires him.

Also, Todd tells Brian that he wouldn’t go out with Sean if he was the last man alive and Sean’s crushed; Rita rubbishes Dennis’s grand plans of music management.