A furious Tyrone and Fiz threaten Jason

Tyrone and Fiz burst into the builders’ yar, accusing Jason of using illegal flooring which could have killed Tyrone. Jason feels terrible and weighed down with guilt he tries to explain to Tyrone how the sub-standard boarding was Todd’s idea and he knew nothing about it. But Tyrone’s incensed and tells Jason he’ll be reporting him to the building inspector and he can kiss goodbye to his business.

When Carla suggests telling the police what Peter said, Rob desperately tries to convince her she’d be wasting her time as Peter’s mind was fuddled with drugs.

Max plays with his birthday presents boisterously and David and Kylie give him his first batch of medication with trepidation. But Kylie’s amazed when the drug kicks in and he becomes visibly.

Beth and Kirk enlist Michelle’s services as their wedding planner; Alya is appointed cricket captain.