Liam is in the launderette and is caught skiving school by Dot, who gently encourages him to return. Later that afternoon, Liam has an encounter with a gang on the run from a transport officer and he tells them where to hide. After evading capture, gang leader Kane slips money in Liam’s pocket, knowing he works at McKlunkey’s as he needs the cash. Kane suggests Liam would be better off with the gang…

Denise and Ian wake up cuddled up together in the Minute Mart backroom . As Ian goes to kiss Denise, they’re interrupted by the thud of the police breaking in, after being called out by a worried Kim. Ian is let out, while Denise hides, leaving via the fire exit when the coast is clear. Denise worries Kim has worked out she’s spent the night with Ian, but Kim thinks she’s been with the deliveryman!

When Michael discovers Alice has been hiding Derek’s ashes, a sheepish Alice reveals she doesn’t know what to do with them. After Michael tells Carol and Kat, they realise that Alice needs help grieving. After helping Alice to sort through Derek’s things, Carol and Kat take Alice to the park to scatter his ashes and say a proper goodbye.