A gravely ill Tony is determined to survive

A distraught Diane and Sinead are at Tony’s bedside when he wakes and are concerned when he starts coughing up blood. Tony remains positive despite being seriously ill, he’s determined to get on with his life, but Diane and Finn know this isn’t the end of the battle…                                                                                             

As John Paul is strugging to comprehend Danny’s strange behaviour, Danny’s blood freezes when his wife calls and says she’s in Hollyoaks – she’s been positioned at the local police station to investigate Trent’s murder.

The police arrive at the school and escort John Paul to the station, Danny looks on concerned as his secret life is about to be exposed. John Paul reluctantly covers for Danny. He’s happy when he finds a set of keys to their love nest in his pigeon hole.

Despite his best efforts to get clean, Ste is forced to submit when Trevor hands him more pills to sell. He stashes them in a draw by the till leaving Doug horrified when Leah finds them. Ste is desperately trying to make things up to Doug and in the meantime goes to Trevor and tells him he’s not working for him any more. He returns home to find his flat has been trashed and the bag of pills has been left for him by Trevor.