Would someone fake their own death? That’s the intriguing question UCOS hopes to answer as they unravel a particularly puzzling case.

It starts with Gerry Standing thinking he’s nabbed a paedophile at a children’s playground. But the man, David Fleeting, isn’t watching the kids, he’s watching a woman he insists is his dead wife, Victoria! She was supposedly killed 18 months earlier in a car accident. Her sister Sarah identified the body and made the funeral arrangements but David thinks she made a mistake. And when Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman and her team investigate, they discover he’s right!

The woman who was buried is a missing Turkish immigrant called Sefika Yilmaz, who was a client of Victoria at a charity that provides immigration advice. She had a daughter, Kiraz, who has been living with Reverend Tony Granville (guest star Hugh Dennis) and Sandra has to tell the girl her mother’s never coming back. She also has a lot of questions to answer: How could Victoria’s sister make a mistaken identity? Why was Sefika driving Victoria’s car? And where’s Victoria?

Meanwhile, recovering alcoholic Brian has more domestic problems: he wants to do some work in the house but wife Esther has banned him. So, now he has to find a handyman. Shouldn’t be too hard – should it..?