It’s Paul’s birthday but he’s in court, where he receives community service for his attack on Lloyd. In a bid to cheer him up Eileen suggests a lads’ night out, asking Steve, Lloyd and Brian to tag along. But when Paul’s workmates fail to show Paul blames Lloyd, reckoning it’s because they think he’s a racist. Realising the evening is a wash-out, Paul, Steve and Brian head home leaving Lloyd chatting up the barmaid. But when a group of locals approach Lloyd making racist digs, it’s clear he’s in danger.

Craig tries to get hold of Karl, desperate to talk to someone. But before Karl can get to him Stella finds Craig in the ginnel drinking vodka. As she takes him home to Beth a panic-stricken Karl’s in hot pursuit.

When Leanne walks in on Gail, Kylie and David discussing how she’s coping she flips, accusing them of gossiping. Leanne’s clearly on edge and David feels guilty.

Also, Sally and Anna lock horns over Tim’s presence on the street, but Faye feels torn about her dad staying; Michelle feels threatened by Peter, convinced he’s trying to edge her out of a job.