A guilty Callum is hailed the hero!

Darren feels like a coward. He feels even worse when he still has to throw the Kanes out of the house, despite Callum saving his life. They’ve got until one o’clock to get the rent or a new family will be moving in. Ash orders her mum to get the money but as one o’clock approaches, Martha is in a drunken sleep. Callum is discharged from hospital, while George finds Martha surrounded by several wine bottles and uncharacteristically tells her the harsh reality of what she’s done. Meanwhile, Callum feels guilty when Price Slice gives him £7,000 as a thank you and Ash uses it as a deposit on a flat.

Carmel’s flustered and tells her mum she’s not comfortable sleeping with anyone after her accident. After some words of encouragement, she goes through with it. However, she’s embarrassed when during her ‘magical’ sex with Jim, she tells him she loves him. He’s crushed when she throws him out, following her humiliation, but when Myra explains the situation, he makes a grand gesture to Carmel. 

Darren secretly confides in an acquaintance close to his wife’s heart about his part in the robbery.

Also, a heartbroken Martha makes a weighty promise to stop drinking.