Cindy is plagued with constant reminders of Browning and shouts at Holly when she notices the freezer door has been left open, but Holly tells her mum it wasn’t her. Mercedes and Lindsey are concerned that Holly knows more than she’s letting on and later, in Price Slice, it all gets too much for Cindy and she faints. Dirk is over the moon when Cindy tells him they can give their relationship another shot. However, Dirk is concerned when he spots Cindy in the village with no shoes on. He follows her to the shop and sees her by the freezer. She’s been sleep walking and he’s confused when she unwittingly tells him that she murdered Browning.

It’s the grand opening of Tony’s new restaurant, but Ste’s dealing with the devil casts a shadow over the celebrations. Meanwhile, Diane knows who started the fire and goes to Trevor’s flat brandishing a hockey stick. Does she have it in her to teach him a lesson?

Ruby is paranoid and can’t help but be worried when Ziggy tells her he’s hiring a PA as his latest business idea. She walks in on him getting dressed as one sexy candidate leaves the garage, only to find out George is the new assistant – phew!

When John Paul admits to his outburst last night, how will Sam react?