Gail is left shattered after discovering the true extent of Lewis’s hatred for her and decides to try and salvage something from the wreckage he’s caused. It’s clear his revenge wreaked havoc on the Platt family. Gail’s the picture of misery and Kylie feels guilty. But she and David are furious when Gail tells them she’s going to have to increase their rent!

Kirsty’s got Tyrone just where she wants him and as the net closes around him even his closest neighbours seem to believe her lies. Tyrone’s outraged when his solicitor suggests he plead guilty to the charges Kirsty’s made against him. He refuses, but when his old friend Sally appears to suspect he’s a wife-beater he starts to rethink his position.

Maria is feeling the pressure and has had enough of lodgers Kirk, Beth and Craig. She decides it’s time that Beth and Craig found somewhere else to live. Also, Tracy starts at the factory and is appalled to find herself working for Kirk in packing.