A guilty Kate gets back with Mason

In the wake of her return to Erinsborough, Georgia jumps to the conclusion that Kate’s other man is Brennan and put on the spot, Kate doesn’t correct her. Georgina reports back to Kyle who rushes to Kate telling her to stick to the new story. Kate is still pining for Mason and after some unwitting advice from Paul, she tests whether Mason really can look past her indiscretion. Satisfied that he can, she gets back together with him, but as she and Mason join Georgia and Kyle for a BBQ late in the day, she is plagued by guilt.

Having kissed earlier in the afternoon, Amber is back Josh’s arms, which makes him late for training. Later, Amber happily reports her burgeoning relationship to Imogen and she distresses Amber by advising her to be careful. Advice brought into sharp relief as Josh’s coach issues an ultimatum… It’s the girl or his swimming.

With all health problems in their past, Lucas and Vanessa set a date, but as they discuss the wedding they realise they have very different ideas of what they want.

When Chris informs him that Vanessa might not be on the same page, he is confronted with the reality that his bank balance may not stretch to Vanessa’s dream wedding.