A guilty Laurel lays into Rhona

Fed up with people talking about her behind her back, Laurel flips when she catches Rhona gossiping about her. She can’t see that her friends are concerned about her. Consumed by the need to drink, Laurel’s compelled to break into the village hall to ransack the tombola of its booze! When her efforts are uncovered by Marlon, he realises he must face up to the fact that Lauren is a full-blown alcoholic.

With Chrissie and co away, secret lovers Robert and Aaron have been making full use of Home Farm. But Robert’s well aware his wife is soon due back, and when he tells Aaron it goes down badly. Upset that Robert can switch his feelings for him on and off, angry Aaron heads out on another run.

When Chas turns to Paddy yet again, James is consumed with jealousy over their connection. Emma, meanwhile, is desperate to know what’s so blimmin’ interesting about Chas.