A guilty Lindsey watches as Joe takes the stand

In court, Lindsey can barely look at Joe out of guilt for what she said to Sonny. When Lindsey and Freddie leave the courtroom they are swamped by journalists. Suddenly Lindsey sees Grace, who calls Joe a murderer and smacks Grace in front of the press. Joe admits shooting the gun at a tree but is resolute that he didn’t kill Fraser.

Cameron kidnaps Sam for framing him and makes her explain why she fitted him up. She tells him it was because she didn’t want him having anything to do with Leela. Leela and Tegan are worried about where Sam is when there’s a knock at the door. Leela is shocked to see Cameron. Sam catches up and demands he get away from Leela, so he plays a recording of her admitting framing him.

When Sinead gives Tony a letter that was delivered to her place, they end up kissing and Esther sees. Esther urges her to break it off but Diane has decided to go away for the week.

Blessing and George grow suspicious about Dennis’s secret behaviour. With no other option, Blessing confronts Dennis about the messages. He can’t tell her the truth so Blessing dumps him. Desperate to keep his girl, Dennis blurts out that Patrick is abusing Maxine and Blessing decides they need to help Maxine escape.