A gun at the school

Following the fire that nearly destroyed the school, head teacher Rachel Mason is more determined than ever to get the school back on track. Rachel’s commitment to making the school open to everyone is put to the test when a dysfunctional new family, the Kellys, turn up.

Elsewhere, fit new PE teacher Rob Cleaver is getting Steph, Jasmine and Matt in a lather, while Grantly is sporting a new look with an ill-fitting toupee. Rachel appoints a new head of Extended Services, Melissa Ryan. Deputy head Eddie, however, is surprised with her choice, but what he doesn’t know is that Melissa is Rachel’s sister.

Unknown to the school, 15-year-old Earl Kelly is a borderline psychopath and brings a gun with him on his first day. An anonymous note informs Rachel and the school is evacuated. A panicked Earl persuades his younger brother Denzil Kelly into hiding the gun and accidentally pulls the trigger, causing panic in the school.

Later, when having a well-earned drink with the staff, Rachel has to face Eddie’s questions about the two of them and their future. Rachel, however, is adamant that there is no ‘them’.